The Hub

Health Professions Hub

An Education, Training, and Community Health Center for the Region and Beyond.


Our Goal

To grow jobs, eliminate provider shortage, and create a living-wage ecosystem in the community. To focus on improving lives while reducing healthcare costs through community-based interdisciplinary clinical care and education.

Why The Hub

The Marketplace

  • The State’s Buffalo Billion stimulated A ‘Silicon Valley’ of healthcare in Western New York.
  • Over 50,000 people in Western New York  are employed in healthcare.
  • Healthcare accounts for over $5 billion annually to Western New York’s economy.

The Situation

  • Buffalo is a health professional shortage area projected to need an additional 10,000 required healthcare professionals by 2024.
  • Training and giving skills to an underserved workforce is vital to helping grow the economy in impoverished neighborhoods.
  • Nearly 50% have unmet healthcare needs on Buffalo’s West Side with one of the State’s highest chronic disease rates.

The Opportunity

  • Build 50,000 square feet Hub for education, training, certifications, workforce development, and clinical care.
  • D’Youville is uniquely ready to lead with educational expertise, health-related programs, and neighborhood location.
  • Relationships with city early start programs, health providers, and having a highly trained staff will help raise the quality and standard of living both in the neighborhood and in Western New York.

Why D’Youville

Unique and innovative educational offerings will allow us to grow enrollment, upskill and upscale the health professions workforce, and improve the health of our region. Our approach to education is using an interprofessional model which not only cross-trains health field students from different disciplines and programs, it helps to save lives.

Economic Development

Job Generator

  • 1,500 healthcare professionals will be trained and produced annually through expanded educational opportunities from the high school level through doctoral programs.
  • 70 new jobs: instructors, faculty, trainers, simulation directors, with average salaries of over $85K/year.
  • 75 new jobs in construction and operations with an average wage of over $65/hour.

Workforce Development

  • Retain and upskill the existing workforce with next-gen skills.
  • Interprofessional simulations with 24/7 online, onsite, and worksite delivery.
  • Over 10,000 hours of continuing education a year in WNY.

Adult and On-Going Training

  • Certificate training and career mentoring for most ages and healthcare disciplines.
  • Regional workforce training programs for in-demand fields both on and off-site.
  • Transformative training opportunities from entry-level jobs, lifting people out of poverty towards a living wage.

Healthcare and Clinical Services

The Hub will be akin to a teaching hospital, able to deliver clinical care in a diverse learning environment preparing learners and retraining professionals with skills for an evolving health delivery system. In addition, The Hub will offer community and home healthcare services with training using wrap-around interdisciplinary health teams. D’Youville’s ultimate goal is a dedicated focus on mitigating chronic illness by viewing the patient as a whole, not on an individual health concern basis.

Join Us

To make The Hub a reality and build a healthy, thriving community, it will take the effort of community leaders, public and private funds, alumni, individuals, and friends of the college. Stay tuned for ways you can help or reach out now to

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